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What is it?

An example setup of the dashboard

Once you have a few switches and sensors in your home automation system, a next step can be to display sensor data on a little screen that doubles as a control panel. This page describes how you can make such a dashboard.

This solution is two-fold:

  • A custom web site: while the OpenHAB site is functional, it's not very pretty. Using the OpenHAB REST API, you can create your own web site and have it look however you want it to.
  • A display: a touch screen doesn't have to be expensive. You can buy a simple Android tablet for just $50, like the Dragon Touch Y88X on Amazon.com.


A simple home automation dashboard

This basic dashboard can serve as a starting point for you to expand on. It comes with several functional widgets:

  • Switches: display the on/off status of switches (green = on) + tap to toggle them
  • Open/close sensors: display the open/close status of eg. a door sensor (red = open) + tap to view a log of recent entries
  • Data sensors: display sensor data + tap to view a log recent data
  • Trash reminder: on trash days, a trash icon appears as a reminder. On recycle days, a recycle icon appears

Weather Data

A simple home automation dashboard

At the bottom of the dashboard is a weather bar.

  • On the left it shows the current weather, updated every 10 minutes.
  • On the right is the forecast, updated every 1 hour. Today's forecast until 5pm, after that it shows tomorrow's. You can switch between the two forecasts at any time by tapping.

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