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Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon introduced a new Echo device specifically made for home automation, the Echo Plus.

It's still a hands-free speaker with the Alexa assistant like the previous Echo (which received a full revision as well), but it now also has a built-in ZigBee hub. That means you can control ZigBee based home automation products without the need for an extra hub.

There is no built-in Z-Wave radio (yet?), but you can still link a separate Z-Wave hub to access supported Z-Wave devices.

The Echo Plus will be available on Oct 31, 2017. To help launch it, for a limited time a free Philips Hue Bulb is included.


A DIY Automation Project

I wrote a detailed step-by-step tutorial to guide you through a simple home automation project. It teaches how to build a simple sensor module using an Arduino, how to set up a Raspberry Pi and install OpenHAB on it, and everything else to get things working. A great introduction for the starting DIY home automation enthusiast!

Start the Introduction Project